Train The Trainer


Sofie Roslyn from Brunei
Etiquette Proficiency Trainer Certification Graduate

It was a blessing to be trained by you. The knowledge I gained were valuable asset. Your advices have guided me to improve myself. The 5-days EPT Training has been a life changing session for me. Looking forward to working with you.

Mrs Premila Mohanan from Kuala Lumpur
Etiquette Practice

The past few days have been very exciting for me. I dreamt of becoming an Etiquette Consultant / Trainer for a long time. I finally did it! Thank you for your kind heartedness for guiding and sharing with me, and most importantly, sharing your precious knowledge. I will treasure and continue to practice this standard in my new company – Etiquette Practice. May this friendship and bonding continues to be part of lives in this special journey. God Bless.

Jucelyn Ong from Singapore
Diploma in Etiquette & Image Trainer Certification Graduate

Thank you for imparting your years of knowledge to us in a clear precise manner. I have learnt a lot from these 5 days of training. Lots of role-play activities to make learning practical.

Lynette Lai from Singapore
Etiquette Proficiency Trainer - (EPT) Graduate

Thank you very much for your coaching for the past 5 days. It was enriching and eye-opening for me, especially when you shared your past experiences. I truly appreciate your dedication and passion in the industry and I hope I can be like you.

Dhita Wirapradja from Jakarta
Etiquette Proficiency Trainer - (EPT) Graduate

Thank you for the past 5 days full enrichment and new knowledge. I finished the program as a new person and hopefully I can follow your steps into becoming a great Etiquette & Image Consultant. I hope this good relationship will last forever.

Joy He from Shanghai
Certificate in Image and Business Etiquette Graduate

I would like to thank you for the three very interesting and useful days to study the Certificate in Business and Image Program. I was impressed and touched by your very well knowledge and proficiency. I truly hope we will stay in touch after the course and have the opportunity to work together in the future.