Private Coaching


Cecilia Lio
Planning Officer - Alteco Chemical Pte Ltd

I have been getting positive feedback from my friends and colleagues that I look more bright and attractive. I strongly recommend to those who have little knowledge on color matching and who interested to be looked more outstanding to attend, it really worth spending. Lastly, I enjoyed your excellent service and hospitality.

Planning & Logistic Supervisor - ItalSing Petroleum

We enjoyed the whole session very much, not a minute was bored. Learnt so much from you. The extra time given to us shown the generosity of you and we really appreciated.

Catherine Lee
Director of Sales & Marketing - The Westin Bund Center Shanghai

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself in your refreshing and rejuvenating workshop. I am glad that I have finally found the right seasonal colors for my wardrobe and make-up and I actually feel slimmer, confident and definitely more attractive now. The deportment enables me to walk tall and maintain a healthy posture. I love the back exercises which I have picked up as it works wonders for my constant backache. Agnes, thank you once again for the truly remarkable experience and great positive changes in my lifestyle.

Doria, Doris, Diane and May Ling

“Extremely Amazing” Before attending this Beauty Workshop with Agnes, we did not know that wearing the right colours can bring out the personality, confidence and inner beauty of a person. Come on! Get your colours analysed!

Weekee & Shulyn
Founders - Moonriver Pte Ltd

Fabulous! Meeting you is an eye-opening. Weekee and I will always remember what you have advised us. The knowledge gained from the colour consultation will definitely helped us improve our colour sense that suit our personality and skin colour.

Jing Yan
NUS Graduates

I am now looking forward to my next shopping trip in town as I had learnt the colours that suits me best. I am eager to wear my best clothes in front of my friends and be a limelight among them. I will certainly make full use of my knowledge learnt from this session in the present as well as the future. Now I can walk in front of others looking smart, tidy and confident. Thank you once again for this meaningful afternoon, certainly it is a time well-spent. Wei Qi I have learnt more about myself and I would certainly make use of the knowledge I have gained in this session to improve my personal presentation and etiquette. Hope you can see me morph into a more beautiful person by the next Yogilatez lesson! Thank you once again. You are Great!

Mario Ng

I wish to say that it was really a pleasure to learn so much under you.  I truly appreciate th lesson so much that I felt it was necessary to tell you personally through this card.  Being someone who aspires to be an entrepreneur, I believe whatever I’ve learnt is invaluable to me.  This new knowledge can help me in my dream of setting up business.  I hope that in the future, we can meet again and pherhaps we might even become business partners.  God Bless!

Elena Lim

I have not seen myself so elegant and glamorous before. You have educated me with not only make-up knowledge; you have also taught me another greatest skill of beauty, which is colors. Now I know what to look out for when I shop. I am going to have a wardrobe change, getting rid of clothes that do not compliment me, and getting ready to be a lady. Once again, THANK YOU! And God Bless!

Eva Loh
Speech & Language Pathologist

The information shared during the session is coming from an expert with knowledge of colours and, more importantly, from an unbiased and objective perspective. The knowledge gained is indeed reaffirming as it empowers anyone with first-hand tips to accentuate his/her strengths whilst playing down the negatives. Attend this with an open mind and you would also find it a valuable and worthwhile personal development course!”

Pollynn Tan

Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. The session was well catered and it had also brought out my determination to achieve and maintain both poise and elegance.


Thanks for extending and sharing on tips during the Image & Etiquette Consultation. I am most willing to act upon your advices. It is pointless to look good on the outside and unhealthy inside. Likewise, one may feel super fit but do not know how to project the right image and behaviour.


I am one of the many students that you have successfully taught. I just want to keep you updated that I will be starting work at a renowned American Bank tomorrow. It’s been my long awaited dream to work in the bank, and thankfully I attended the course to teach me some basic etiquette or else I think I would have blown the interview. And also, at the exit interview with my previous employer, I actually encourage the HR to send all the employees for Etiquette course! Once again, I thank you for everything. Take care and God bless!

Yvonne Chu from Sydney
Sydney, Australia

Thank you for the excellent service you have provided me during the 2 consultation (Colour analysis and style consultation) I had with you in Nov-Dec 2009. I am more confident with choosing the right colour and dress style for my skin tone and shape size. You are a world of inspiration!

Hui Min
Children Education Trainer

It’s been a few months since my personal consultation with you and you recommended your personal trainer, Mavis to me. From January till now, I’ve lost 4.3kg and 21cm! And that measurement doesn’t include the tummy area, which has gone down a lot too. I am feeling lighter, healthier, and stronger now Nowadays, when I buy clothes, what really helps is by looking at the necklines and also knowing my winter colours. I am refraining from shopping too much now though, coz I keep getting smaller. I can finally start to see my waist from the H shape, haha!. Looking forward to reaching my ideal weight and looking even more awesome!

Hazel Tan
Sales Assistant - Unimax

“Your warm and open personality has brought so much fun and joy into the two workshops. Your expertise on etiquette as well as Style has definitely aided me into becoming someone more gracious and sophisticated. You make it easy to navigate the rules of Style & Etiquette. They are valuable lessons I have learnt. Thank you for all the tips and advice”

Leticia Murakami from Brazil

I really enjoyed the lunch and the restaurant’s ambience was very enchanting. You are a very good teacher and despite of my English as a Brazilian, you made the training very easy to understand. Thank you for teaching me many things about etiquette & image and you have helped me a lot.

E. K
Personal Assistant - YTL Corporation

It was indeed an unforgettable and memorable experience that I had in my lifetime. The fine dining, food and services were excellent and friendly. Not forgetting the “surprise” that the Chef presented to me. I really learnt a lot from your training and I will definitely utilize it in my daily life.

Michelle Lim

I spent my terrific Tuesday learning Social and Dining Etiquette from the best of the best today!  Thanks for your guidance and also being so patient with me.  I’m so blessed to have you as my personal coach!  Look forward to more positive changes and breakthrough!  Honestly, didn’t know there can be so much skills to simple fare like having a buffet meal!