Corporate Gen-Y Personal Fitness Children


Agnes developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop.  What stood out about Agnes, she was flexible, listened well and was able to adapt her expertise to our group’s and individual’s needs.  Her experiential approach reinforced learning and provided our participants with much to think about, skills to apply at workplace and strategies to use when executing our protocol duties.  Feedback was excellent from all participants.  Top qualities, Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

Lim Jun Yong, Singapore Polytechnic

We are happy to confirm that Ms Agnes Koh conducted a 2-session workshop on Image and Etiquette for 180 students from the School of Interactive & Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic.

The workshop was both uplifting and enlightening to the students and Agnes was able to engage them with her humour and got the message across in an entertaining manner. In fact, we noted that some of the students who attended the workshop, continued to talk about the lessons learnt even after her presentation.

I have no doubt that our students had a fruitful session and would now have a better understanding of the importance of making a good lasting impression with regards to enhancing their Image and Social Etiquette.

Irene Lim, Lecturer, School of Interactive and Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic

Truly an eye-opener with various etiquette and techniques taught. The make-up session was really enjoyable, practical & interesting. We have gained many insights from your advices and knowledge on personal grooming and workplace protocol. Good body language makes a great difference in approaching people. “Great image makes a person likeable and approachable” Your engagement with the audience has made today’s workshop an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Juliet Toh, Lareina Ho, Nodzirah, Vanessa, Nur Farisha Rosli & Phoebe Chua, Teachers
Amazing Star Montessori House

Agnes Koh has collaborated with NUS Aerobics Club for many years. She is not only an experienced and friendly instructor for our club’s Yogilatez and LatinoRobics courses, well liked by many of our participants, but also an expert in image and etiquette always ready to share useful knowledge with us. We’re very honored to have Agnes as the speaker for the past two Image & Etiquette Workshops organized by our club. Apart from her impressive grasp of knowledge in a diverse range of topics such as social and business etiquette, fine dining etiquette, personal grooming and colour analysis, she was also an entertaining speaker who could command the audience’s attention throughout the workshop.

The audience was full of laughter and lined up to ask her questions during break and long after the workshop was over. She was adept at engaging and interacting with the audience, which was especially crucial to make the audience participation part of the workshop a success. Most importantly, she made every possible effort to ensure the success of the workshop, and took great care in catering to our club’s specific needs. We believe that the participants of the workshops all benefited tremendously from her passion in combining fitness and image & etiquette training to ensure well-rounded personal development. Therefore, our club would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for Agnes’ significant contribution to our club’s events. Thank you!

February, 2010 NUS Aerobics Club

Etiquette & Image International was engaged by us to organize several in-house social and etiquette trainings for both the pupils and staff. We are fully satisfied with your services and range of courses offered. Etiquette & Image International has been able to offer the flexibility of scheduling trainings with minimal disruption to our time-tabling. More importantly, we were impressed with your company’s commitment to excellence in service. Our pupils were very engaged and have benefited much from these sessions.

In addition, Etiquette & Image International was engaged to manage the school’s annual Primary 6 Graduation Ball held at The Chevrons. We were once again impressed with your company’s professionalism and CAN-DO attitude. Your attention to the details and expertise in this area were greatly appreciated and value-add to the services rendered. Etiquette & Image International has contributed much to the success of our Graduation Ball 2009.

We will look forward to future possible partnership with Etiquette & Image International.

Mr. Willy Tan, Principal, Edgefield Primary School

Thank you very much for extending to NUS Aerobics Club members on the Gen-Y Etiquette & Image Workshop. We not only obtained the high turnout rate, but very good feedbacks. It was a fantastic professional and well-managed workshop. We all enjoyed and benefited from it. We would carry out such workshop again in NUS in the future =)

YouYou, 2009 Chairman and the committee members of NUS Aerobics Club

This workshop had taught me many useful skills that I can use when I have any interviews or business functions in the future. I especially pay extra attention to the coaching on answering cell phone professionally and also how to greet and respect business partners and seniors. I am sure I will not have any difficulties handling business associates in the future.

Sabarian Rahmat, General Secretary, Student Council, ITE College Central

Without knowing it, usually we tend to act in our own way. I’ve built up the confident to meet the people and widen the horizon.

Chee Yew Choon, Chairman of House, ITE Central

It’s definitely a very good opportunity for all of us to improve ourselves further and even gain confidence from it. Thanks for telling your stories and even shown us real life examples so that we can understand everything better.

Karen Ho, SC Secretary, ITE College Central Yishun

NUS Ambassadors