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I attended Agnes Zumba lessons. Just want to say that she is a very passionate instructor. She emits positive aura that makes you feel good after every of her lesson.

Khoo Yong Seng, UTown


Your are so energetic and made me so happy and energetic after every session! I really love your class!

Sarah Adibi, UTown


Have joined you since you started, think it’s almost 4 to 5 years already. Thanks for all your guidance and professionalism. Indeed, I’ve learnt many health tips from you. I have enjoyed your fitness session as well as your cheerful and positive being”.

Jennifer Wong, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd


Ms Agnes Koh and Dr Vincent Tan are indeed very experienced speakers who carry so much passion in their work and sharing. The workshop was not only informative, but also highly engaging and fun. We had such a good time learning, that time became a “spoilsport” to many of the participants.”

Eric Chan, Head Training (CDD) / Manager – Compliance, Audit & Standards (OSAA)
Police Technology Department


It’s a short period of time that I enter into the fantastic world of Yoga, where I have gradually achieved to get the sense of deep relaxation and internal peace. To tell you the fact , only strenuous exercises can help me relax a little bit from heavy stress before, but at today’s last Yoga class, practising in the special breathing method ,I felt something blocked in my mind has gently released when I was following your demonstration. Getting to know such a professional Yoga counselor like you is a great honour to me. The way you share the most beautiful experience of Yoga with us shows your unselfishness, you are really excellent in creating casual atmosphere in class, which I enjoyed so much.

Jasmine Sun


I like the way you teach, every move is being transformed so swiftly, posture are being corrected, and atmosphere is lively, always highlight to us the purpose of the moves. After taking up Yoga, I felt that I am more flexible, more alert, arms are stronger, really feel good and relax after every lesson. I would certainly continue to practise yoga and recommend you to my friends. The beauty of Yoga is that you can practice anywhere, anytime, even without the mat.

Doria Tan, Secom


After learning yoga, I feel more energetic and body less aching. It helps me learn to be more relax and not get so excited easily. It also help me in my breathing and lungs are opened after the class. I will recommend Agnes to others because her instruction is clear and easy to follow.

Ong Chee Seng, Secom


Thank you for being with us every Thursday and Monday and making the hour a fun-filled and relaxing one, coming to your class makes me learn and have a chance to relax myself. Really glad to have joined this class

Seok Hwee, NUS


Thank you for providing such a great and wonderful class. I enjoyed all the twistings. Look forward to your lesson in the next semester. You are a great Instructor!

With love, Yan Ni & Wei Hui, Fumin, NUS


You will not believe the impact you have had in my life. It was because of your encouragement in class that I was inspired to workout. To you I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for being such a great instructor. I know for a fact that both me and my body are gonna miss you a lot! All the best in your future endevours. I wish you only the best. Keep in touch!

Jassmin Peter, ex Hewlett Packard


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