TESTIMONIALS – CORPORATE Corporate Gen-Y Personal Fitness Children

Business Decorum & Fine Dining Etiquette

The way you involved the participants gave us a chance to practice what we have newly learnt. It was a very and information training and transformed us to a refine person.

Slides-2-logo   Standard Chartered Bank, Tan Sok Fun, Product Manager


Retails Etiquette & Workplace Protocol

The training would not be perfect without your personal experience and knowledge shared with every one of us. Every teaching of yours will be entrenched in our minds and hearts.

Slides-1-LogoClarinsPtd Ltd, Carol Tee



Executive Image & Dignified DemeanourTM

Before I attend the class, I thought that there was nothing to learn. After the lesson, it was very interesting, so many things we need to look into it. It's important to gear myself a grooming standard in future. You are the best Etiquette consultant.


Giant Supermarket, Esther Teng, Store Manager (Chua Chu Kang)


Enhancing Corporate ImpressionTM

The training enhanced the corporate image and great beneficial to the sales personnel. It brought us to another level of professionalism. The 'Out-of-the Box” training. Thumps Up!

Slides-4-Logo  Volkswagen Group Singapore, Adriana Lee, Sales Executive


Business Etiquette &Workplace Decorum

I was skeptical when I was chosen to attend this course, It changes, once I saw you. With your charisma and your positive approach, you easily diffused a great different on my attitude and to all participants.

Slides-5-LogoSingapore Police Force, Zul Elias, Station Inspector, Training Command


Making An Impression – Your Personal Presentation

It was a wonderful talk, fun and interesting. The make-up session, advices and knowledge on personal grooming, and etiquette has given us many insights. You have inspired me to attend more of such talks.


LareinaHo, Teacher


Gen-Y Image & Protocol Training

Highly engaging relevant. The body language and projecting the right image appealed to us a lot. Your delivery skill was highly effective and enabled us to understand the course material very well.

Slides-7-Logo Leno Lee, LCP, 3AMB/31 FMB


Children Social Grace & Deportment

She let us understand that etiquette is very important. My class had learned a lot from her. We will do our best to create and not destroy the atmosphere of the Graduation Ball.


Edgefield Primary School, P6 student 2010


Children Mannerism & Dining Etiquette

We were impressed with your company's commitment to excellence in service, your company's professionalism and CAN-DO attitude. Our pupils were very engaged and have benefited much from these sessions. Your attention to the details and expertise in this area were greatly appreciated and value-add to the service rendered.

Slides-9-Logo Mr Willy Tan, Principal


Train-The-Trainer (overseas)

The past three days have been very exciting and challenging for me. I dreamt and was determined to do the Etiquette Proficiency Trainer, EPT Program for a long time. Now I finally DID IT! Thank you for your kind heartedness for guiding and sharing with me and most importantly impacting that precious knowledge. I shall treasure and continue to practice this knowledge as I would in my new Company- Etiquette Practice. Thank you once again, may this friendship & bonding continues to be part of our lives in this special journey we share. God Bless.

Etiquette Practice – Mrs PremilaMohanan, EPT


I found Ms Agnes Koh to be
a very competent trainer who is able to adapt to her
audiences’ diverse learning speed and encourage learning
through participation. Her Etiquette & Protocol
Programme was very well received by our Sales Force of
2,500. I certainly would like to bring her back for other
follow-up sessions in future. Agnes does not push products
and humble. She makes class interesting and adds value.

NTUC Income
Academy, Percy Chong, Manager

Wonderful insights on
dining etiquette; excellent comparison on the suitability
of colours; fantastic comparison of how to manage your
wardrobe. I enjoyed your openness and sharing of your many
anecdotes that made the session so fun. Appreciate the
patience on answering the multitude of questions the team
posed to you. To be honest, you are awesome!

Chartered Bank Jeremy Koh, Product & Service
Development Manager, Irene Sim, Product Manager, Elynn
Wong, Business Development Manager, Lim Wei Ching, Asst
Product Manager

Extremely grateful that you
have taken the trouble to organize all the logistics and in
turn, completely worry free! We enjoyed your anecdotes and
stories that accurately illustrate the issues, problems and
also success of the retail industry. We have truly enjoyed
your sharing of your vast and rich experience with us.

Clarins Pte Ltd,
Leona Low, Training Manager

Very useful insights,
lively, engaging and fun training.Very focus and a
motivating trainer. Excellent communication skill. Lots of
laughter .Very interesting and informative. Very
experienced trainer who draws great attention to the
audience. She carries herself well and sophisticated.

Electronics (S) Pte Ltd Alvin Lim, Strategic Purchasing
Manager, Francis Oh, Purchasing Manager , Lian Yen Hua
& Perlin Kee , Quality Engineers, Eunice Ng, Finance

The training was indeed
enriching and very valuable. It will help us in my sales
career. It has brought us to another level of
professionalism. It was refreshing, different from standard
in-house syllabus training. We enjoyed listening to your
experiences as they were inspiring and educational. It was
definitely an influential presentation.

Volkswagen Group
Singapore, Jerrome Chan, Sales Representative &
Anastasia Christina Marsh, Sales

Excellent and enriching
workshop. Vibrant and excellent tips sharing. Enjoyed your
candidness. Your little stories and your life’s experiences
made the sharing very interesting.

Management University, Priscilla Kumani A & Shelly Li
Assistant Managers

Very professional and
detailed. Nice smile! A very fun and entertaining learning
experience. The Etiquette & Image coaching had brought
up the awareness on the importance of communication between
people in our working and social life. It makes life more
interesting; avoid unhappy relation but a harmonious
situation that benefit all parties. Appreciate your
guidance very much.

Vincar Pte Ltd,
Simon Lam, Sales Executive

You’ve just taken us on a
journey of pure experience of fun and laughter. It has been
moments of great delight for you to share life experiences
with us. Heaven is missing an angel as she is right here
with us. You’ve indeed added a new dimension of charm in
the training. We’ll definitely meet again.

Polytechnic, C. Pannir, Director & Lim Hee Kheng,

The most beautiful
presenter! I really enjoyed your presentation through
demonstration and participation. I have learnt and received
a lot especially the Fine Dining Skill. I reflect my own
habits and change it in order to have a better professional

Shop N Save, Loh
Kah Wai, Supermarket Manager

I have picked up a lot of
good points here. Something I have never learnt in my whole
life and I have a chance to learn from you. I will remember
and apply all the good habits in my daily

Cold Storage
Singapore (1983) Pte Ltd, Ernest Tse, Area

The sharing session and
exercise were excellent and brought up the lighter aspect
of business protocol. Thank you for your excellent
presentation and all the aids were very informative. The
contents of your presentation were very lively and relevant
for people like us. The skills that we gained today will
definitely help and enhance my chance of getting to know
others and improve my social network in today’s business

Singapore Police
Force, Said Nasir, DTO (Traffic Police) & Arjun Kumar
Gurung, ASP( Gurkha Contingent)

A fulfilling, engaging and
full of laughter training. Much more to be taken away from.
The role play segments were our favourite. We like the
contents of the slides shown. Not only did it allow us to
have thorough enjoyment of the topic, it also allowed us to
put what was taught into practice. It was simply fantastic
and so successful! A million thanks to you, Agnes for
taking your time to impart your valuable knowledge to us.
We will have more confidence. A change in our perception –
We know what we should improve on.

Singapore Armed
Forces, Chia Hong Wei, Heng Zhi Feng, 31 FMD/3AMB, Don Liew
Ping, Corporal, (BHQ)

I must admit that it’s a
total different experience and awareness of the mannerism,
practices and interactions done in the corporate

Ministry of Home
Affairs, Anthony Teo, Supervisor

Agnes generated an
impression on how to manage people beautifully. This has an
added value on my working and social life.

Credit Agricole
Investment Banking, Elsie Chua, Admin

Thank you very much for
your great efforts in conducting such an interesting and
enjoyable lunch and learn workshop, with fun-filled of role
plays. Our colleagues including our HR team had a really
wonderful time and truly enjoyed every moment. We have
received good compliments for the well-organized and
successful event. Without you, this would not be possible.
“Kudos for a job well done!” We hope we can work together
again in the future!”

Caylon Singapore
(French Bank), Wu Ziying, HR Director

Special thanks to Agnes Koh
for succinctly helps to transform the image of our 22
employees. Overall, it was time well invested. The workshop
not only highlights the strong link between the
individual’s image as a profession but also enhances the
image of the company. The topics on the various Etiquettes
one must observe provides relevant insight on how important
it is for one to conduct business in a professional manner.
Agnes was able to stimulate discussions and sharing which
made the workshop a lot more fun and interesting. I would
not hesitate to recommend any individuals or organizations
who are working towards professionalizing their personal
and corporate image to contact Agnes.

Pharmaceutical Services Singapore Pte Ltd, Lo Foong Leng,
HR Director

Your training is
refreshing; tied with humour and life application. This
made the staff paid attention and I am sure they enjoyed as
much as I did. Every element has been beneficial and
applicable to our day to day aspect of working protocol and
social setting/environment. You have a very good knowledge
on Fine dining Etiquette. A good lesson to enhance my
English in a refined manner. Great effort and hard work for
such an outstanding lesson. It was really fun and
enjoyable. You are jovial and really creative in your
teaching. Your smile was infectious, made me feel happy and
relax. Keep smiling!

 Hunting Energy
Services Pte Ltd Daniel Tan, General Manager, Yovita
Christianti, PA to MD, Zhao Jianhua, Engineer, Janice Goh,
Customer Service Executive, Yap Mei Yah, Accounts