This is a very popular course and is suitable across all age group.  2 hours Personal Training and you will be amazed how much you can learn.

Are you tired of wearing black and remain safe in your favourite colours?  With our simple colour tools, you can pay it forward to explore variety of colour choices.  You reap a vast knowledge of how colours can transform you totally in your hair, make-up palette, clothes, nails etc.   It is fun and efficient.  Book a slot with us on weekdays and enjoy many more benefits from the coaching.

  • Define your Seasonal Colours
  • Uncover your skin tone
  • Integrating fashion colours into your season
  • Know your seasonal personality and Characteristics
  • Express your authentic archetype
  • Choosing the right hairstyle and hair colour
  • Face shape analysis
  • Choosing complementary fashion accessories


A flawless face equates healthy skin. You will learn the fundamental skin care routine and makeup techniques.  By understanding your skin condition, you are able to choose your product that is suitable for your skin.   If you are still repeating your old routine on make up or don’t have a clue on how to kick-start, it’s about time your discover a brand-new way on makeup techniques, shading, highlighting and contouring. Enhance your feature and transform your look with our step-by step instruction. Learn how to use the right makeup tools and achieve that special effects.

  • Try your hand on proper skin care routine
  • How to prevent skin conditions such as black heads, pigmentation, dehydration,  fine lines etc
  • Eliminate crack and dry lips, care and application of lip colours
  • Conceal unsightly spots
  • Application of eye make up according to eye shapes
  • Shape a beautiful brow
  • Techniques on shading, highlighting and contouring your feature
  • Anti-aging tips


This is an effective guide to wear according to your profile, personality and lifestyle. 3 hours personal training with Creative & Style Director.  She will assess and identify your needs, help you express, execute and harmonize a particular style that is UNIQUELY YOU.   She does not impose a style on you.  You must be prepared to make an effort to shift your paradigm and be ready to accept suggestions from her expertise.   At the end of the session, she would love to see your confidence and be comfortable with a new taste in style.

  • Identify your body type and shape
  • Clinical assessment on your body fat (your weight is crucial to your proportion)
  • Tips to shape and tone your body shape
  • Tricks on creating beautiful shape proportion
  • Neckline Analysis
  • Match fashion accessories to appropriate necklines
  • Ensemble a style according to your body shape
  • Deportment
  • Eliminate Fashion faux pas
  • Personality Profiling Assessment

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Small Group 2-5 persons


One day course to enrich your Enhancing a Positive Impression. You will achieved a strong awareness and competency,  Learn everything from your colours, style to makeup and create a lasting impression.

In addition, you will received a personality profile assessment; improve your behavioural and interpersonal skills.  You will be mindful of social sensitivity in a high-context environment, reduce conflicts and manage your emotions.  Gather a group of 2-5 persons and enjoy maximum cost savings!


This course is very popular for those who have a specific goal and wish to go a level deeper into your appearance, style, body, mental, emotions and fitness.  Please contact us for a chat.



It is a significant course for those who wish to acquire International Business Etiquette & Protocol Skills.

  • Business Etiquette and Protocol Skills
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Deportment
  • Interpersonal & Behavioural Skills




Your visual communicates the tangible you. Impress at first sight with the emotional ideology of colours. Recognize the captivating colours which best compliment your skin tone and be spotted from the packed. Understand your facial characteristics and match the right hairstyle.

  • Uncover your Seasonal Colours
  • Identify your personal branding
  • Communicate your authentic style
  • Discover the 3 Body Types for Men
  • Posture and Physical disposition
  • Career dressing and wardrobe essentials
  • Men accessories
  • Business and Casual dress codes
  • Free one-hour shopping experience



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