1. What to wear during Interview for a female candidate?

a) Smart Conservative Skirt Suit in shade of dark colours
b) Bootleg pants with long sleeve blouse with a sleek belt
c) Pant Suit in shade of pastel colours

2. What to wear during Gala Dinner that comes with after party?

a) Suit with tie or tuxedo for men. Well cut cocktail dress (short or long) for ladies.
b) Dress shirt, tie and dark coloured trousers for men. Tailored dresses for ladies.
c) Blazer over a dress shirt for men. Skirt suit for ladies.

3. Which side of the chest should the name tag be worn?

a) Strictly on the right
b) Strictly on the left
c) Left side of the chest in Asia and European continents and right chest for US.

4. Professional commutable heels for ladies at work?

a) 31/2 inch stilettos open toes
b) Max. 2 inch with medium wedges and rounded/pointed toes
c) Stylish 5 inch scavenger stripes

5. What is the minimum requirement for office make-up?

a) Lipstick and gloss
b) Foundation (liquid/powder), loose/compact powder, lipstick and blusher
c) Eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick