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Train-the-Trainer Certification Programs
You wish someone could explain to you how to structure your training and provide important tips on the market trends.  The train-the-trainer certification course will help you build your character traits, refine your facilitation ability and get ahead of time in this competitive field.  You have it all ironed out now.

  • Certificate in Business & Dining Etiquette (CBDE)
  • Certificate in Image & Business Etiquette (CIBE)
  • Etiquette Proficiency Trainer Certification (EPT)
  • International Style & Image Coach (ISIC)
  • Diploma in Image, Wellness and Etiquette (Dip in IWE
  •  The Etiquette Alliance International.

It takes more to develop into a fantastic trainer than just stand up and lecture.  In our certification course, you will understand what to do and the best way to do it.  In addition to having the materials and confidence, our First-world credentials (accredited by The Etiquette Alliance International.) will help you get the task done right.

Trainers who have gone through live training facilitate a tune in training approaches, understandings and skills.  You are more equipped and confident.  You are able to present a comprehensive, active and effectual training.  This is so crucial to make your way into a competitive field.

Our highly-acclaimed train-the-trainer Etiquette Proficiency Course explains to you how to structure your training abilities.  You will get to refine your interpersonal, technical and presentation skills.  As we set to improve your probability of job prospects, you’ll also take pleasure in the soft skills.   Even if you find yourself not landing a career in training, the 5-day intensive program will change your perspective in life.  There are so many sensitive nuances, do’s and don’ts in social and businesses; your conduct and how you are being perceived otherwise if you’re not refined.

Do you have what it takes to become a successful trainer?

  • Passionate individuals who aspire to develop sound knowledge and competent training skills.
  • Individuals with a “Just-do-it” attitude and ready to serve others.
  • Well-mannered, non-judgmental, people-oriented and put others before you.
  • Individuals who are interested in mastering Etiquette, Image and Social Wellness as their professional faculty.
  • Individuals who like to unite work with passion, innovation and drive.

What you will get:

  • A premier title after your name.
  • Instructor-led training by Etiquette & Image International.
  • A comprehensive Training Manual as a valuable study guide.
  • Power Point slides and CDs that are reproducible and personalize it.
  • An exclusive visit to a fine-dining restaurant, meals and refreshments.
  • Prestine clean and cosy training school located at IMM Shopping Mall.
  • Permitted and copyrighted materials.
  • Accredited certificate of Achievement by The Etiquette Alliance International with a sealed logo.

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring trainers
  • HR practitioners
  • Teaching Professionals
  • Image & Beauty Consultants
  • Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, Event executives
  • Administrators, Managers, Organizers, Recruitment officers
  • Anyone who are keen to pursue a new career

Why Choose Us?

  • It’s worth doing what’s right and start everything professionally.
  • We explain different attitudes, skills and behaviours and how these impacted a successful YOU.
  • We preserve integrity, no-nonsense business culture and observe strict school’s protocol.
  • We are ranked on the first in Google’s search engine.
  • We supply you the essential training abilities and respected certification to kick start your career as a professional trainer.
  • You get meticulous assessments and performance-based model training.
  • Our approach is centred on positive learning outcomes and empowering your potential, and we look at ways to leverage you.
  • Learn from the Master Trainer, vastly qualified in Image, Etiquette, Health, Fitness and Wellness.
  • We encourage you to take a career you’re passionate in over an awful job you have very little interest in.

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