Etiquette & Image International is a leading charm School located at IMM Shopping Mall, Singapore’s largest outlet mall. Specializing in Etiquette & Protocol, Professional Image Management, and Health and Workplace Wellness, the school is accredited by The Etiquette Alliance International, Asia Pacific, for its trusted holistic training in Singapore and Asia.

In 2014, Etiquette & Image International was awarded The Promising SME 500 by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA), founded to build and nurture the next generation of business leaders in Singapore while promoting business excellence among established local SMEs.


In today’s competitive business environment, personal disposition can overshadow accolades and qualifications. You must advance yourself through developing people skills, including interpersonal relations, behaviour, communication, interaction, and cultural and business etiquette. You do not want to create any awkward scenes in any given situations. We provide practical learning experience on constructive and diplomatic ways to succeed without offending others. Our vision is to provide you with multiple intelligences and a holistic approach to physical, emotional, mental and behavioural skills. We want to help you achieve the highest level of excellence in ethics, character building and moral values.


Inner beauty is truly your birthright. Your appearance is your personal brand, and you must effectively communicate this powerful message to your audience. Perception can be deceiving, but it is definitely the deciding factor in the subconscious of others. Our mission is to continue to improve society with civility, personal effectiveness, looking good, feeling great and being successful in your undertakings.


Etiquette & Image International (EII) is passionate about delivering exceptional training experiences. EII has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years as we continue to embrace and uphold these 3 CORE values:


We deliver effective result.  Our programs are innovative and most important, we do business with integrity.


We have created a studio environment that is clean, bright, neat and spacious. Our goal is to welcome you to our studio as clients and have you leave as friends. Our gym-size mirror allows you to practice your stage presence and deportment and get a true sense of your physical body. Whether for Personal Training or Small Group training, we can host up to 28 persons in our studio.


We have strict policy of engaging only trained, certified and experienced trainers. Our team is passionate and we actively practice what we preach. This ensures that we facilitate the latest knowledge, trends, teaching, engaging and presenting skills at the highest standards. We always put our clients before profit. Helping you achieve your training and desired outcomes is our top priority. We are here to bring out the best in you and we possess these 5 important qualities: Patience, Communication, Professionalism, Education and Personality. We would like to assure you that we have your best interest in mind.